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Expect the best

It’s time for you to expect the best.  Do you face each day with a positive expectation?  What do you expect for yourself today?  Tomorrow?  What did you expect yesterday?

Your answers to the questions will give you valuable insight into your future.  Why?

The powerful law of expectation states that what you get is what you set.  Your thoughts and habitual thought patterns set the foundation for how you will interpret what you will experience.  Said most simply, attitude determines altitude.

Everything which occurs in your life will be interpreted and categorized by your unconscious according to the habitual beliefs you hold.  An example of the power of expectation is provided by the centuries old practice of voodoo.  It is the belief of the subject rather than any objective reality which causes the results.

Our beliefs filter and interpret our experiences.  More than that, the power of what we believe is possible or impossible creates those same experiences.

How can we harness this powerful force, the sub- or un- conscious?  By choosing thoughts that we allow to enter our minds.  This is the practice of self-talk.

The words you use in your inner dialogue form the frame which holds your personal filtering lens.  Think of it as though you were wearing polarized glasses, used to reduce the glare caused by light entering your eyes from many different angles.

Just as polarizing lenses only allow congruent light beams to reach your eyes, filtering out all angles but the one, your subconscious inner lenses ignore any input which does not conform to it’s own perspective.  The good news is that you can adjust your inner lenses.  Put more simply: change your thoughts, change your life.

Too easy?  Not at all.  On the contrary, you will find this life changing stuff is very hard work.  Your subconscious will fight you to stay in the zone where it has become comfortable.  Change and the prospect of change makes the inner you, the one who is watching, anxious.  Constant attention to your inner dialogue is the price you will have to pay to make changes.

Some will tell you that this concept ignores reality.  That is their belief.  They would tell you that you can’t be optimistic and realistic at the same time, ignoring that while you can realistically recognize the facts in a situation, you can remain optimistic about your ability to create a solution or choose the best among alternatives.  By using your conscious power of choice, you can and do control the input into your subconscious.

You have little or no authority over the more-or-less objective reality you encounter, but you have 100% authority over what you choose to think.  Your subconscious can be re-programmed.

Your earliest programming came from your family and friends, writing on your blank slate when you were too young to resist, and may have been further influenced by peer pressure.  Subsequently you modified this programming with your attempts to interpret, understand and control your external reality.

Now you can use this same programming ability to intentionally choose your inputs.

Your ability arises from the understanding that you can only think one thought at a time.  Crowd out and replace less desirable thoughts when you find them with the action of changing your self-talk to something more positive.  When you find you can’t re-pattern your thoughts by changing the language, change the subject.  Think of something else.

Remember that your mental attitude is either the lock-on or the key-to your door to success.

Today is your day to begin.  Start here – Start now.  Expect the best.




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